October 20, 2011

Things that amaze me.

Tadi jumpa SV untuk second approval stage for the TTP title yang kena reject last week, dia tengok sikit je improved proposal, lepastu dia bagi thumbs up. Rasa nak menangis terharu kat situ weh. Lega, one down!

Speaking of TTP, tadi ada talk. Ok, I'm at risk of sounding too nerdy, but I've come to a realization that, I love what I'm doing. Semua benda applicable and relatable. Entahlah, maybe aku je kot yang take in everything as more than it supposed to be, but talk tadi really inspire me A LOT. Gonna make my dream come true, I CAN DO THIS!

Finance courses. So far takde satu pun yang let me down (okay maybe investment? tapi in general investment is fascinating), macam aaaaaaaaak rasa lega gila gila, I feel like i'm making the right choices for my minor. :')

How things like the above make me smile wide. :") Aku rasa aku bakal jadi workaholic.

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