October 4, 2011


(via numadhamani)

I'm like the epitome of generalist, I can do pretty much everything, and I can be okay at it, but that's that. Just OK. Maybe I haven't found my core yet - whatever it is. Oh, the proposal has been accepted and whats more awesome is that, another big project I'm in is under two supervisors (If you could recall, one of it is the Ms. President of Super Cool Lecturers' Club) and my own SV for my fyp. How wonderful. No sarcasm intended. I hope this would be it, y'know? - The motivation to go through with my ideas.

Sigh, I need to start living the big dream I dream about. Walk the talk. Have faith in my projects and ideas and whatnots. Used to be my mantra though but now, I'm not quite sure.

Oh, have you guys watch Horrible Bosses yet? Amagat, that movie is mad genius. And hilarious. Genius.

That's it for now folks, till later!

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