August 18, 2011

Delusional -

Hm. Do you make up a person's character in your head? I mean say you took an interest in a person and you're too much of a chicken to actually find out who s/he is and you made up this person with the same face, with characters you'd like to see.

Don't know if I'm making any sense here (?) but yeah, mind has been doing that a lot lately.

That person is not bad at all :-) (the one who's in my head not the one who's in front of me because I'm just awkward like that)

I believe that I'd be forever socially awkward and will die a cat lady. I already have one cat, 26 more to go eh?
Work has been awesome, due to that person in my head hewhewhew. Not living the dream, but not bad either. Something to keep me productive while I'm on my holiday. Best decision I made so far. Love you, self xx
Met the mIRCkids just now, I'd say this is the most successful gathering yet because we actually do something and there were like at least 13 of us, which is more than the usual 8. :-) thanks guys!
I need to meet new people. I mean, I love my circles, just that, I need to know more people, y'know? New mindsets, new things to learn and respect. That sort of stuff. Something to explore.
Selamat berpuasa!

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