July 17, 2011

So, yep.

Haha look at me, I never finish anything! Tsk.

Supposed to put up the final 2 days of the internship but on Thursday and Friday I was too busy with life. What is up, yeah? :-p. 8 months finally ended and unlike my friends who appreciate 2 months extra of solitary, I've come to a point of loathing it. Hewhewhew. So much things happen lately that I choose not to be on my own, it's horrifying! If only you knew how much, if only.

On Friday, we, the interns had our last lunch - the lunch we stopped having together after a few months. So yeah. Went to Padi, and just chill. Went back to the office, wave goodbyes and say thank yous to everyone and thats it. Thats how I spent my Friday at the office. Hoho. Went to Delicious with A later at night and just ~chill. Yep, I love the word 'Chill' now hahaha. A said I changed too much and that I suck so bad before, um, thanks? :-), change is good.

Yesterday was okay okay je lah kot. Urbanscapes was fun because of the people I met, aaaand that was it. Khottal was one hell of a band. I mean it's hard to find a band that can make me close my eyes, eliminates the crowd and just, take a breather and listen. I did that during Incubus's, Yuna's Penakut, and a handful of performers and i haven't been doing that in years! Khottal was the highlight of my day. Although our love balloon was nonchalantly received, but the music was awe-fucking-some. They reminded me of why I love live music, why I spent so much to watch live music, why - I, who loathe being in a crowded place - can stand being in one when there's a good music to enjoy, and the reason why I brave the mud in my overpriced maxi dress.

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