July 10, 2011


Ohmygod, that was super scary? I mean in my house yes we argue blahblahblah but thats that. We don't question each other existence (I mean, S is pro at that but not me - I'm kinda a good sister? Heh heh heh that aside).

Scary scary scary. Two more months to go, September you don't know how much you are needed now. I wish time can just leap to the next 2 months. Tak raya pun tak apa. Nak September! To be frank, I don't know what will happen in September, but it's my month okay? I think I'll manage.

Demmit you guise, just be grateful you guys have each other. I'm battling everyday being away from I and S. And that's super hard for me, I don't see why you guys push each other away. You can be so much happier demmit. :/
On the lighter note, I love Z. Love love love love. You have the most amazing ways to tell even the very mundane day-to-day story. I'm too much of a chicken to leave you comment sans anonymous pseudo, but it will do for now. So much admiration towards you I cannot contain! Amazing people are amazing. Z, stay being you OK? :-D
Friday, bro turns 20. Gosh, you know how old that made me feel? VERY old. We chilled, talked about stuff. I wish S was there though. Hmm, hope Kuantan treats him well!

I cannot wait for that ice cream sesh next week! (Hello! If you read this heheh <3)

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