November 7, 2010

Sorry for the previous post. I was furious. Saya tak suka bila saya marah, I'll get bitter. Hm. Need to change.
Semalam birthday Abah. Was out all day mula mula plan nak pergi Frinjan but cancel last minute sbb I dont feel like it. Then jalan jalan with the boys, just cause. Lama tak lepak dengan adik-adik kesayangan. Balik from lepak lepak, we decided to surprise Abah with a slice of cake.

Mind you, this is the first time ever we decided to do this. We're not sappy and all that shizz, explains my awkward moments with sweet people like the guy or my friends, I am no good with sweet comebacks but do know that I am affected by your kind gestures in all kind of ways.

So yeah, at 11 PM, before the day ended, we gave Abah the cake. He was so happy he actually initiates all sort of conversations. I like to him that way. We'll do more of this sort of things once I have a career okay? :)

S.A Mall dah majuuu gilaaa. Kagum! K, so long and goodnight.


shishi the great said...

You know, you're really cute. And happy.

I want that too!!!

I.A. said...

ececeh. :P