September 27, 2010


iCover - Yellow.

Yesterday, Abah decided to tune in to Red, which used to be my fav radio station until I stopped listening to radio a while back. So, they were having this Jazz slot which at the point I was listening, I thought some guy covered Chocolate Rain (by Tay) and I thought "hey, this is nice" but when I listen closer, it was Buble's Spiderman - which was beyond awesome. It was raining, and after few songs, I found myself crying. I guess there's something comforting with Jazz that I let myself go. Thank God Abah didn't realized, or I'll have to answer 1001 questions.

Thing is, I don't know what is up with me lately. I cry at the most random time ever. About everything. I feel like crap most of the time. These negativities? They need to get out of my system, pronto!
Y'know that feeling in which whatever you do is not enough? That makes you feel unimportant? Useless? Yeah. I'm feeling that at the mo. Suckiest feeling ever. I feel like I'm missing (or most probably lost) something in me. I could not figure it out.

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