September 8, 2010

It just hit me,

That today is...


Such a nice date innit? Anyways, since Raya is approaching, I would like to wish you all safe journeys back and forth to and from your hometowns, have a very happy EidulFitr, and enjoy the last bit of Ramadhan could offer you. I'm not gonna lie that this time around it's hard to let go of the fact that, Ramadhan is ending soon. Hopefully, your good deeds and mine are counted to the last bit, inshaAllah.

Sincere apologies from the very bottom of my heart for all the wrongdoings, wrong selection of words, all the talks behind your back or even with you knowing it, I am sorry. Truly sorry. As the saying goes, maaf zahir dan batin, 0-0 alright? He he.

Yuna - Raya Oh Yeah from Luey Motion Lab on Vimeo.


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