July 28, 2010

Rant Series #3: Geekrant.

This post contain useless rants that I need to vent out. Read on only if you have some free time to spare.

(i) I was once so used with Windows platform that I put up with all its antiques and its slowness. But now I can't. I can't even stand looking at this stupid stick thin font WinXP decided to use when I don't install the stupid, ughhhh hard to install plugins. WTF. I lived with Windows my whole life, and you give me bullpoop. Awesome.
(ii) Okay, since we're talking geek language, I'm thinking of taking ABAP this semester just because I think it'll lessen my 3rd year coursework. At first I was given three options for my major - Database, E-Bizznez, and KM, and today I got to know that I can only take up either E-bizz or KM. FML. Agak ugh disitu [/ugh]. So okay, I went to the timetable thingamajiggy and it shows 3 long hours of lecture and lab, back to back. Um, okay? -_-
(iii) Second day of semester has been hell. Too many subjects clashing with each other and I kinda hated myself for being lazyass for not doing the re-re-recheckings on the timetable that results in dropping my beloved (core) Econs. Sigh.
(iv) Which leads me to three core subjects during my 3rd year of which of course will be awesomely filled with MAJOR and FYPs (YAY/sarcasm). So I have to take one of my fave minor subject to date down. Boo!
(v) Echofon for Firefox memang sucks donkeyballs. Tak user friendly langsung (or maybe aku kena develop another twitter tool yang menepati cita rasa? Maybe.)


But okay, it's only the second day. I hope it gets better because I really need rainbows for the next two weeks. Not poop, definitely not that.

Ya Allah, permudahkan urusanku. Berikan yang terbaik untukku. Jika itu yang terbaik, permudahkan perjalanan urusanku. Berikan aku kekuatan sebanyak mungkin untuk mengharungi minggu add drop yang amat menakutkan ini. Let the right ones in, let the wrong ones go. Amin, amin, ya rabbal a'lamin.

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