July 31, 2010

Many moons.

Hello love,
You've been busy so I thought I'll pen down a post just to let things that bother me out instead.
My first week so far has been rough, hard, and I haven't felt this lost in a long while. I'm at the brink of loosing what should've been mine, I know it'll sound silly in a few days... but it's killing me slowly now.

All I can think about is spending time with you. I'm thinking of going back to KL next week and we could have a movie date or something (since I haven't done that with you in awhile, kan?). I've been missing you a lot lately (what's new la kan) but couldn't be bothered to attend to that feeling since everything is so messed up now.

Happy 3rd year and 9th months. I love you.

On the lighter note, I want to watch Inception so bad. JGL looks hot and if he ever date Page, i'd totally ship them. They are SO cute together!

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