July 8, 2010


This supposed to be a secret, secret enough to let my readers know about it (which I know not much, and unrelated with what I'm going to say anyway tee hee). And yes, I'm aware of the fact that I said no more update, but since it's 2:20AM and I cannot do anything about it, let's just ignore that for awhile shall we?


Saya rasa saya dah tolak orang jauh-jauh, be it yang rapat atau tak, sampai satu tahap yang mana saya rasa saya dah cukup alone. It used to be my privilege, and now it's something I dread. Saya tak tahu kenapa tapi saya mahu begitu, for awhile, but not anymore. Saya tak tahu apa saya betul-betul nak sekarang ni dan saya tak tahu kenapa perlu rasa depress dan stress out sangat tentang hal ni. :/ Oh well, there you go.

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