July 7, 2010


You know, it's not that I don't like you, matter of fact is, I am in love with you. But you've been a problem for awhile now and I'm in no position to fix you. I was so happy when I got to hold you in my hands again.. and that was two weeks ago. SERIOUSLY? Now you're flickering?

What the hell dude. So not cool. You know how much it cost to send you in again? And how tired it is? I have zilch money and now this. THANK GOD I'm still under warranty (which I have to extend for another two years from the look of it and it'll cost me another 900++). I had hope and dreams and faith in you, and you pay me with this?

:( SO not cool Apple. I love you still though, gonna send you in again tomorrow. So no update until then.




Namie berkata said...

Dear epal, please be nice to my DALing!

no love for now,

D.A. said...