July 13, 2010

Myo OCK - Deeper Conversation cover
Teringat pulak dulu masa OCK sibuk-sibuk nak launch their debut album, Yunalis sibuk-sibuk buat Polaroid versi mellow yang sampai sekarang kalau dengar memang feel dia lain macam sikit (though, I love both version TBH). And now, a few weeks before Yunalis sibuk-sibuk nak launch debut album, Myo pulak cover her song. :') I just feel proud of my fav girl at this moment, although - I am not sure whether I'll be at her album launching. It has been 4 good years for you, fruitful I might say.

Sorry if I could not make it, I know I once said I'll be the first few to own your CD, well, hm. Kita merancang tuhan menentukan right? (Pfft okay I emo now :(). Many congratulations and good luck for your future babe :-), I love you.

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