July 1, 2010

Dudes and dudettes, it's effin July already? Whoah.


I feel like we're only getting to April, twentyten you move too fast, slowwww down!
Y'know, I felt like I was having a mild heart attack when I saw today's date. I'm so lost in counting dates nowadays up to a point it's kinda creepy. Like, hello, 7 months already? What have I done during those 7 months ~ I didn't feel like I've completed my first year at all, in fact, I feel like I'm just starting uni and still learning faces.

I have this ~ "A year ago..." ~ reminisce moments going on whenever it reaches the first of the month, and surprisingly I reflect a lot on 2009 now. How my life changed so much from last year, yet I didn't feel like I'm living the twentyten yet, not even a bit.


Holy guacamole!

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