December 11, 2012


I can't for the life of me get it WHY would you always make me feel like I'm the crappiest person on earth?
Whatever I do is not fucking enough for you. What the hell do you even want from me?
Do you have any idea how miserable you used to make me and how bad I was crawling out of it?
You cannot do that again, Nu-uh. Not to this new Dalila.

All I can be is bitter towards you. You killed me.
And I'm sorry that I'm not what you wanted me to be: Instant millionaire who throws money at you so you could send me some "prayer" so that I'd be "happy" in life.

FYI, I'm in this alone. I am always alone.
So spare me your stupid nonsensical speech, OK?

And you have never, ever, ever, ever made me happy.

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