March 17, 2012


Almost a year after the incident, one more to be swept off the feet. :'), cousin looked super pretty, and happy. The happiest, Alhamdulillah.

Macam biasa, this time around semua dah start tanya "Bila lagi?", saya jawab "Next year, inshAllah", confidence kena ada, calon tak ada lagi tak apa. Hewhew.

Congratulations to the newlyweds. I have the awesomest cousins, seriously.
Hopefully Allah'll bless you guys with a sakinah mawaddah warrahmah, insyaAllah.


shishi the great said...

That's the spirit! The trick is to believe that you're in love... then it actually happens!

See the pin? Be the ball. And then you are the ball.

Heard that from Lizzie McGuire HAHAHA

dalila. said...

Lizzie McGuire FTW! Lol, thanks Shi :-)