February 27, 2012


Since it's Monday and it's my most favorite day of the week (After Friday-Saturday-Sunday) of course, I need to list down things that need to be done by this week:

  • 6 interfaces via asp.net for le project
  • complete 3 pages of EBS report
  • complete 2.5 pages of Why China manipulates the Currency
  • Stop watching the big bang theory back to back, you're on current season now you wouldn't want to wait for the new episode, Dalila.
  • Stop procrastinating, due date for the project is on the 7th March.


That anon from Melaka. said...

Hi, anda.

Rereading your past entries turning me into a sap.

(Well, I am a regular sappy wallflower, regardless.)

Have a good week(?) and may every jobs - get done and wishes - come true, insyaAllah.

dalila. said...

hey anon, thanks!

Have a good week ahead too :)