February 9, 2012


I think it would be interesting if our veins are purple, i mean deep, vibrant purple, so does our hair and our eyes but not our lips. Our lips will be pink as hell, no gloss/lipstick/lip stain needed to make it look fresh, and our nails are in perfectly painted-like deep purple and our feelings are purple too. Not gay per se- just, the color purple. And we see things in various kinds of yellow shades and grey and no less. We'll see rainbows in an unidentified color, but the color would be something you haven't see before, that you want to put a name to it but you can't afraid that it will destroy the beauty of it, but you want it to make it personal so you give it a personal name, not something that people would call it but you would feel at ease knowing you're making it yours, in a way. Albeit people are looking at it the same. The same. And then, when we found someone/something that we feel special to us, that thing/someone will burst into a different color altogether, not yellow, not grey, but a color that you like. Love, maybe. That color that you have given your personal name - no, not the rainbows, but something else. A color that you are sure nobody has laid an eye on it and then, at that moment, you feel fucking special. Because you've found your color. 
I should sleep. Or maybe read a page of this new book I just bought. (Not about colors. Obviously)

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