November 1, 2011

Chocolate, Rain.

I'm loving this gloomy (but super cozy) weather. It has been raining every night for weeks now, and its nice, y'know... having the hottest place on Malaysia map drenched in super cozy, mellow-ish rain. So much love.

I'm writing just because of the date! Heh heh heh. Liking the first day already, I'm sensing November would be my month, too :-3
Would be on my break in a couple of days and i could not wait to get my movie/sushi/subway fix!
This month's to-do, Bismillahirahmanirahim:
  • Complete my interim report
  • Make that TTP project happen!
  • (..and my personal video project, too)
  • Ace my Viva Voce (inshaAllah)
  • Zee Avi's Homecoming
  • Catch up on cardio sesh' + explore Putrajaya at night.
  • Learn plucking on darling GL-1 (..and give her a name, too! aiyaiyai)
  • Frees up laptop space and start installing important software
  • Finish up at least the second season of CM.
  • Be a good daughter, at least for a week.
Yikes, this turns out boring. Better get back to my papers!


shishi the great said...

heyyy, don't know if i can make it to zee avi's gig :-/ my sister just gave birth so I don't know how it'll be at home. I'll still buy the tickets, though. but incase I can't make it, would you have someone who could take my ticket?

wndrknd said...

aww :-(, maybe. Nanti I try tanya my friend k!

wndrknd said...

Btw, CONGRATS! <3 mesti comel gilaaaaaa.