November 15, 2011

//6: Muse.

Upon finding about their album (accidentally, I decided to randomly download FTP's Torches) while speed walking to class, all I can hear was this euphoric combination of quirky sounds. Might not be too hipster/indie for your likings whatsoever, Foster the People's Torches is THE album for me, y'know? At least for 2011.

They helped me combat my social anxiety, in all seriousness. I feel like a bad ass when I have them on loop. And they are coming down here. They. are. coming. Like, wha?

I danced to them a lot. At least in my head. I danced to them quietly on them long train rides. I danced to them in my room. I danced to them during lectures.

I am just. Excited beyond. BEYOND excited. Not being coherent here, but this is what good music do to me.

I'll be waiting to dance to your music on January guys. :')

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