November 30, 2011

//16: Things.

I should limit myself from going to shows. Foster the People would be my last (or maybe Najwa's DFP? Or Dashboard Confessional? I don't know man. Old/Bad habit die hard eh?). Gotta focus on stuff that deserve money more.
"I'm proud of you". Four little words that you would have me deny my whole existence. I want my mom to say it. But my mom, is a faint 9 years old memory.
Maybe that's what this is. I don't know what I'm doing, and I crave recognition. Not just anybody's but my mom's. But my mom is gone.
I just miss her, okay?
Maybe when I fall sick, or my heart feels like breaking for no apparent reason, all I want to hear is my mom's voice and nothing more. Running did ease it a little bit, but I still feel like crap today.

I don't even know why.



Anonymous said...


-that particular anon from Melaka.

the girl said...

hey, thanks anon