November 24, 2011


You know what sucks?

Having something so special to you being yanked away from you. Then you tried so hard to heal, then it came back. You got comfortable, and it went away again. This time for good.

Like earlier this semester, L told me about her project titled was already taken by one of my group mates. I remember how hard L had to scour the online/physical library and work her noodles up to come up with a new one. A few days back, that guy who took her project title dropped that friggin subject, what the hell really. And now L stuck with something that she's not sure of to begin with.

And, a friend. Lost someone. That someone came back, they were happy yadayadayada. Then, BAM! Byebye. I don't get life sometimes. But then again, who does anyways?

I'm both happy and sad. For this kind of things y'know?
I'm glad I lost things for good that I don't have to think twice to keep or to stash em later.

Work is still a lot.

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