September 27, 2011

Geekier than you.

Just started the new semester and I'm already pulling my hair out. *Ok deep breaths! Final year SHOULD be this hard*
I just, I don't know man. I feel lost in figuring what I'm interested at. I told one lecturer just now (which I think she is the president of super cool lecturers, period.) that I like meddling with codes. LIKE WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING? Yes, I like codes buuuuuut you know I'm super easy to get all messed up because of codings and what not. Maybe that's the problem with me. Whatever that is.

Oh and I think I am attached (somewhat) to my finance class (as always). Haha, I think all finance lecturers are like, have super powers or something because they tend to talk about whatever happens around them AND affects me as well. Mr. R, he worked at certain places, which reminded me of both my past and current person(s), and he was telling the class how you should get out there, make name for yourself and taking chances to fail. I lack in that department - being a failure. I mean, not to say I'm a winner per se-, but to fail is such a huge deal for me because I could not afford it, mentally and financially, y'know?

Sigh, I'm too consumed with school sometimes. Fyp ideas got rejected again, because they're too simple, not third year material.
=(. Have to step up my game. Final year? Bring it on!
One thing for sure, I can see now that everything is Allah's means to get to me. Which, ya Allah I am forever grateful.
And, I miss my cat too. I hope you miss me as much, Po.

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