February 22, 2011


I want to cover loads and loads of songs. Sad songs, so I can weep. I want the girl beside me to stop listening to her music so loud it could damage my earphones (that I lent her).
I want to eat mud pie without feeling any guilt what damage it'll do to my body. I want to go home. Home as in home with a family in it and not the current house I'm living. I want to be with my brothers. I want us to be toegther again, like a family. I want to have a huge argument with them so that at the end of the day we'll seek each other aplogies and be glad that we have each other. I want to hug my mom. I dont want to fall sick. I'm feeling sickly again and I'm tired of my body telling me that I need to let my breakfast+lunch+dinner out. It has been 3 days, and I'm tired. I'm tired of holding on. I want to burst into tears and have the world's ignorance. I want to help 'em people in Libya. I want world peace. I want you to stop bitching about your dysfunctional family because if you take that huge step to get to know your mom better, you'll see that she's a godsent. She has always been one to us. Stop being a fucking spoilt brat.I want you to be tough.I want them to start doing their work and stop procrastinating. DONT WATCH MOVIES YOU FUCKING TWAT. YOU STILL HAVE WORK TO DO. I WONT DO YOUR WORK THIS TIME NU-UH.I want to cry and I need a hug.



I.A. said...

this is exactly how i feel right now too, sis. i missed the good times. :(

shishi the great said...

... *hug*

I want you to be happy again.