November 28, 2010

Nak pergi please?

:( ni dah kali berapa juta tah tak dapat pegi. This one include Hana T as well. OMG. :( Sedih siot.


Putri Ramlan said...

yeayness! nak pergi! :D

shishi the great said...

I WANT TO GO TOO :-( But I've got my EST paper sometime after, and I have to be in kelantan lah and shit. HISH. WOULD HAVE BEEN ABLE TO HAVE AWESOME CHITCHAT OVER COFFEE WITH YOU IF IT WEREN'T FOR THIS.

I like your new layout, by the way. Nice.

D.A. said...

@Kak Put: Pegi kan utk Dal and send my loves to both Yuna and Hana please! I have to work until 6 which I doubt sempat nak pegi pun :/

@Shi: Lets plan a proper meetup after your spm? I'll be in KL till July anyways <3, and thanks.