October 11, 2010

Today I..

So today I got an emergency sms from Abah telling me to call him right away whenever I got the time. I gave him that call and t'was about my brother decided to play truant today, and Abah has been suspicious since morning. Thing is, if I were my brother, I'll go to school whenever I want to. That was me. Abah never cared about me not going to school, but it is a different case now I suppose.

So, S is in big trouble because Abah told me what he would do if what his suspicions are true. Y'know, thats not the first time S decided to bail out of school, I used to be the culprit behind it (yes, I know bad sister, but hey -), and if Abah finds out the reason why I've been acting so calm about this, I am officially. dead.

I gave S a call, telling him to do thing that he thinks right. I dont know. Sigh. I hope he'd do the right thing and leave me out of this (yes, again, bad sister :P). S lied to me and I know he was lying, I am his sister after all. Boys, seriously, if you're reading this, I can detect that you are lying in an instance, I have that gift. So save your sorry ass and stop lying for effin sake, CAPICHE?

I don;t know why I even let this be known. I guess, when the time is right and I already have a family of my own and I'm having this problem where my kids don't let me in their lives, I'll have this as a guide. And Abah, if you're reading this... we're so used of not coming to school. Especially me. So, I am sorry. Hu hu.


shishi the great said...

This is such a cute story!

I.A. said...

dah public dah story ni?
memang akak bace brainwave Ikhwan la. =.=""