September 1, 2010


To accidentally found something or to be exact someone that inspire you without them knowing is indescribable. Who would've thought that a person you would not take a glance on can move you inside? (Contohnya.) I found mine (for now, for now I think this person is perfect). Throughout my years there will always be someone who is a total stranger to me would lend a helping hand - just by being my inspiration to look at world differently. To view things into different perspectives. To get all annoyingly optimistic on things that should just ruin your entire being. Or sometimes, just being there, to entertain me - to tend to the mellowest day of my week.

More often than not, these people will miraculously appear in my life (for a short while, maybe longer, if God permits) in one way or another, and I keep falling in admiration how the heck these people are crafted so special by Allah, inside and out. I wonder if they know they are genuinely beautiful. I wonder if they know they touches someone that they don't know. Someone like me.

I fall in love with strangers far too easily.


maddieness said...

I've found (and met) my fair share of these lovely people! And it's quite amazing, how they they are such precious gifts in my life now. The closeness and understanding between us... Somehow evolving from being strangers, to friends, to being as dear to me as my own sisters at this point. Despite the briefness of our encounters they mean so much.

And they might not even know it, but they've changed me for the better in ways that they wouldn't ever begin to comprehend.

Glad you found yours :)

D.A. said...

it'll get exciting knowing that we can relate in the tiniest bit more everyday with these lovely people kan? I guess these are the people that Allah gave us in the midst of our lives' chaos so that we'd have a clear view that things wouldn't get so bad.

And you're one of them maddie, you are :)